Hey there, gorgeous!

I'm Yasmin.

Growing up, someone incredibly special to me always emphasized that natural beauty shines brightest. She taught me to embrace my authentic self, reminding me that true beauty isn't about following trends or piling on makeup it's about cherishing what makes us unique and loving every bit of it.

Urbnwhyt is my love letter to natural beauty. In a world dominated by filtered selfies, we're here to empower women to embrace the natural self, fostering confidence from within.

As a female entrepreneur and founder, I'm personally committed to driving change and uplifting women. At Urbnwhyt, we firmly believe that when women are empowered, society thrives.

“Urbnwhyt is my love

letter to natural beauty”

What We Do

The design process of our handcrafted pieces starts in my personal studio and brought to life by skilled seamstresses in Southeast Asia. By collaborating closely, we craft bespoke garments that embody the essence of simplicity and femininity with a focus on sustainability.

When you choose an Urbnwhyt garment, you're not just making a fashion statement—you're making a difference in the lives of women in these local communities, creating positive change one stitch at a time.

Crafted by women,

for women

Crafted by women, for women, our mission is simple: to offer handmade, eco-friendly comfort that celebrates your unique beauty.

100% Breathable Fabric

Our collections are crafted from the finest 100% organic cotton, with untreated fibers for our natural collection and eco-friendly dyes for our whites.

Quality over


We believe in quality over quantity, which is why our collections are available in small batches at a time. After all,We live by the mantra "Less is More."



We're committed to our planet, which is why you won't find any plastic in our products or packaging.